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Our Services

As a Community Resilience Specialist, I empower communities to enhance and strengthen their ability to prepare for, withstand, and recover from various adversities. 

I work with individuals, organizations, whole communities, and municipalities to develop strategies, programs, and resources that promote resilience in the face of social, economic, environmental, and other stressors.

Resilience Planning

Resilience & Adaptation Planning

Helping communities prepare for and withstand natural hazards, adapt to ever-changing environments, & recover rapidly.

Ocean  Planning

Strategic management of ocean spaces to balance and optimize various uses and activities; focus on sustainable development, conservation of marine ecosystems, and efficient allocation of resources by considering fisheries, shipping, energy, tourism, and conservation efforts.

Sustainable Community Development

Preserving a community's strong and successful economy, society, infrastructure, & environment while adapting to outside challenges & opportunities.

Grant Management

Grant Writing

Customized grant proposal application, including all necessary components, meticulously tailored to meet your specific requirements and align with the objectives of the funding source.

Grant Administration

Identifying, conceptualizing, and overseeing grants for communities and municipalities across the entire grant life cycle.

Community Empowerment

Community Empowerment

Guiding community groups, non-profits, and municipalities to gain more control & influence over events and resources that affect their lives.

Public-Private Liaison

Facilitating collaboration between government entities and private organizations, fostering partnerships that promote mutual interest, addressing shared concerns, and contributing to the development of policies or initiatives benefiting both sectors.

Committee Administration

Managing, coordinating, and facilitating activities and tasks related to a committee or working group, ensuring effective communication, decision-making, and overall functioning of the group.

Additional Services

General Consulting

Personalized and strategic guidance, expert problem-solving, and dedicated support designed to align with your unique goals and challenges. Our approach delivers valuable insights and tailored solutions, fostering growth, efficiency, and success for both your organization and the broader community.

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